Why Should You Prefer Illustrative Website Design?

As the number of websites and competition in the online world is increasing, the authorities are significantly concerned about attracting and getting the attention of website users. It will not be wrong to say that high-quality products are not enough to keep the users engaged with a website. They want a user-friendly website, which is not possible without an appealing and effective design.

There was a time when using screen-sized pictures on the website’s homepage was quite common. However, the users of the present time who have fine aesthetic taste and senses do not like it. Illustrative website design has been making rounds and receiving the appreciation of website users for a long time. It includes illustrating characters, items, and other elements to engage and entertain the website users.

Dig into the details of this article to learn and explore why you should prefer illustrative website design over others and follow it to enjoy the benefits.

Top 7 Reasons to Embrace Illustrative Website Design

Spreading a bold color on the website, adding a few headings, and including some pictures do not mean that you are done with designing the site. Even if a child paints such a picture, nobody will be pleased to look at it. Now think about the website users. They will never explore such a website again. So, you need to put more effort into website designing, and selecting an illustrative design is the best option.

The major reasons you should embrace illustrative website design include the following:

1. Ensures Unique and Customized Design

The first and foremost reason website owners need to embrace illustrative website design is that it ensures unique and customized design. If you use the original pictures, they can be copied and do not seem to be unique. Moreover, making little changes for customization may not be feasible. This is why website owners contact a website design Dubai-based company and ask for illustrative designs which ensure their site stands out among competitors.

2. More Fun and Inviting

Illustrative website designs are more fun and inviting than other types of design. They add freshness to the picture and let the users explore numerous oblivious and hidden details. Such website design is specifically more attractive and engaging for children, students, and even buyers. They appeal to the eyes and take the users in the direction you intend them to go. So, you can opt for an illustrative design and watch your website traffic grow if it has been declining consistently.

3. Establishes Brand Identity

One of the most important reasons you should embrace illustrative website design is to establish the brand identity. You can easily incorporate your logo into every other picture or small icon in the same picture. Most importantly, you can leverage your brand colors in the illustrations, which will instantly communicate your identity and help the users identify and connect with you.

4. Focused Messaging

Another significant reason to embrace illustrative website design is that it helps and ensures focused messaging. Instead of clustered design which requires users to find the detail out of the puzzle, the illustrations allow the designers to highlight the main message. Once you have got users’ attention, you can direct them however and wherever you want to make them fulfill the desired action.

5. Visual Hierarchy and Aesthetics

One of the most important reasons you should embrace illustrative website design is that it boosts visual hierarchy and aesthetics. The illustrations appear quite neat and appealing, even if they use intricate or minimalist details. Moreover, they provide the opportunity to select the colors of your brand, which boost the aesthetic feel and makes them appealing to look at.

6. Create and Highlight Emotions

Another critical reason to follow and adopt illustrative design is that it helps in the creation of emotions, as well as in highlighting them. Using the original picture of people depicting the emotion will not be too appealing, and some users may not venue be able to translate the emotion. On the other hand, doing the same through cartoonish or character illustration will instantly make it more effective and understandable.

7. Story Telling Opportunities

Lastly, illustrative website design provides the opportunity for storytelling which is the biggest reason to opt for it. If you try to tell a story with original pictures, the users will not be able to understand the hidden message until they pay great attention. On the other hand, the illustrative story will instantly grab their attention and convey the message too. You can get experts on board and adopt illustrative story design for your site too.

Does your website need an illustrative design?

If yes, you do not need to think twice about it. Contact professional website designers such as SpiralClick and ensure a complete redo of the design, which surprises the users and attracts more traffic.

Kieran Edwards

Kieran Edwards is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to BusinessHear, Tekrati, Information Minister Blog, Explore Insiders, and many other blogs. He writes about technology, finance, travel, marketing, and business.

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