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What Are The Benefits To Fly With Qatar Airways First Class

Nobody knows this better than Qatar Airways: when done well, travel can be the most abundant of experiences. Most luxury travellers believe Qatar airways first class cabin is among the world’s finest.

Regarding providing the best luxury flying experience, Qatar Airways First Class has always been in front of the pack. Even Economy seats offer plenty of legroom, complimentary travel kits, and a wide variety of food and drink options.

So what can they expect from the lounge? First Class is more exclusive than Qatar Airways’ business class “Qsuite,” a first for luxury travel and the industry standard.

When creating the Qsuite, the pinnacle of luxury offered by Qatar Airways, the airline faced a difficult task: how to top the Qsuite, which already had features and amenities that other airlines would only offer in their first class? 2017’s Qsuite promised “unmatched luxury” and “total solitude.”

Airport communal waiting areas

The opulent Qatar airways first class Lounge comes first. Despite being geographically close to the airline’s hub at Doha International Airport, the facility seems like a cutting-edge museum.

It isn’t entirely coincidental since the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha’s marble and sandstone detailing is similar. A collection of Islamic art installations and antiquities illustrates the gallery’s and airline’s connection.

The lounge is often cited as having some of the best high-end facilities and services in the whole globe. It could be too much if you want to sample everything two hours before the flight. Since only first-class passengers often have access to the lounge’s various facilities, which include a luxurious spa, a cinema theatre, hot tubs, and a complete business centre, it is not only among the finest in the world but also among the most exclusive. Otherwise, you must be flying business class and be willing to pay for a six-hour ticket.


While the double-decker A380 and the smaller 777 will have somewhat different First Class facilities, guests can count on Qatar airways first classto provide the same high level of service and comfort during their entire journey.

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you’ll discover that the First Class cabin’s attention to detail and emphasis on privacy will make your trip enjoyable no matter where it takes you. The aircraft of Qatar Airways is exquisitely adorned, with burgundy and light grey accents typical of Qatar. Instead of sparkle and gold, this creates a contemporary and comfortable atmosphere.

The 777’s seating layout is 1-1-1, with the most private seats in the ‘A’ aisle.Along with complimentary presents like pyjamas and slippers from The White Company, Qatar Airways has also developed a new amenity package in partnership with the French scent Diptyque.

Beverages Used for Recreation and Medicine

Since it radiates an aura of subtle refinement and exquisite design, Qatar airways first class bar is maybe the most significant aspect of the airline’s five-star service. The bar has a high reputation among business travellers and first-class travellers alike. A stunning chamber of excellent dimensions is located on the upper deck of the A380, particularly in this location back.

Additionally, the drinks match what you would get in a First Class restaurant. The extensive a la carte menu offers options to accommodate a broad range of dietary restrictions. The consistently excellent cuisine makes the flight feel more like a feast at a Michelin-starred restaurant than a lengthy journey.

Benefits of Qatar Airways First Class Flights

A visit to the upper deck premium lounge, a bar and lounge area, situated the first and business-class portions of the aircraft, is often considered the highlight of a flight on a Qatar Airways A380. The bar’s refreshments are available to all passengers, not just those flying first class.

The two roomy facilities in the cabin are available to first-class passengers, but there is no shower.

Qatar began including goods from the French luxury fragrance firm Diptique in its amenity packages in 2022. Additionally, Wi-Fi access is available to A380 customers flying with Qatar. And Qatar provides a variety of in-flight entertainment under the name Oryx One on your own large, private 26″ screen.

The Qatar Airways First Class Lounge

Flying Qatar airways first class offers benefits, including access to the opulent Al Safwa first-class lounge, which contains a spa, private bedrooms, shower suites, furniture and decor elements inspired by the Museum of Islamic Art, and a la carte dining options.

Checking in for First Class on Qatar Airways

Use the first-class check-in area at Doha Hamad International Airport to check in as a first-class passenger while leaving the airport. During check-in, guests may relax in this private room at their workstations and on plush seats.

Qatar Airways first-class travellers are permitted one carry-on bag

First-class passengers on Qatar airways first class are initially allowed to check up to two bags, each weighing no more than 110 pounds.

The First Class Experience on Qatar Airways

Before discussing the first-class cabin, let’s first talk about Qatar Airways’ business class offering, the Qsuite.

When the revolutionary Qsuite came in 2017, Qatar marketed it as the “first in business.” The name suggests that travellers would experience first-class travel and be a high-quality product for those travelling in business class.

Qsuite is almost as luxurious as first class, with the highest level of commercial aircraft service. Some airlines, like Qatar, have eliminated first class in favour of the business class, blurring the boundaries between the two.

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A limited percentage of Qatari aircraft still include an actual first-class cabin, nevertheless

Nevertheless, despite a shortage of aircraft recently giving the first-class cabin on Qatar Airways a new lease of life, it is most certainly reaching the end of its useful life. Only the Airbus A380, a dated double-decker aeroplane, is equipped with Qatar airways first class.

It compelled Qatar to restore the A380 service and resume regular operations throughout the outbreak because of technical issues with its Airbus A350 fleet.

Only eight of the ten Airbus A380s owned by Qatar Airways are in use. In addition, Qatar has received at least four Boeing 777s from Cathay Pacific, a Oneworld member, each of which has a dedicated first-class cabin (but with a different interior product).

Although you would hope for a more individualized experience and more space in the air, you shouldn’t anticipate many improvements to Qatar’s already well-acclaimed business program.

In Qatar’s corporate dining scene, freshly cooked meals, premium champagne, wines, cocktails, and mocktails are already the norm. First-class passengers on long-haul flights will get the same pyjamas and amenity packages as business class.

The first-class cabins on Qatar Airways won’t have doors as the Qsuite business-class suites do. The first has much more storage capacity and space to spread out, despite having only two windows. Additionally, the tiny size of the cabin may improve service (eight passengers maximum).

In addition to enhancing your journey, Qatar airways first class travel grants you access to Doha’s exclusive Al Safwa first-class club.Remember that Qatar promotes business class as “first class” on specific flights throughout the Middle East. These shorter flights won’t have first-class service, but you may still use the Al Safwa lounge.

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