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Wedding Photo Booth vs. Magic Selfie Mirror| Which One is the Winner & Why

Wedding guests love having their pictures taken and it can be a great way to capture memories of the special day. But what’s the best way for your wedding guests to take those photos? A traditional photo booth, or a magic selfie mirror?

This article will compare a traditional photo booth with a magic selfie mirror and help you choose which one is right for your big day.

What Is A Wedding Photo Booth?

A wedding photo booth is a great way to get everyone in on the fun. Guests can step inside the booth to snap some fun photos with friends and family. Plus, many booths come with props like hats and glasses to make the photos even more memorable and fun. 

You can choose from a variety of styles and themes, including vintage-style booths with an old fashion look or luxurious celebrity themes. Also, you can use different wedding photo booth props or can also opt for a digital booth that allows guests to email the photos right away.

Types Of Wedding Photo Booths

There are three types of wedding photo booths:

– Traditional Photo Booth: This is the classic style booth with a curtain you can set behind to take photos.

 -Open Air Photo Booth: This style booth is set up like a small stage, and guests can stand around it to take photos.

 -Digital Photo Booth: This type of booth prints out digital copies of your photos right away so guests can take them home with them.

Advantages Of Wedding Photo Booths

The main advantage of a wedding photo booth is that it’s fun for your guests. It gives them another way to enjoy the party, and they will love being able to take home photos as souvenirs at the end of the night. 

By far the biggest advantage of a photo booth, however. Is that it can capture all the fun and crazy moments of your wedding day. With a photo booth, you’ll get to see all the silly faces and outrageous costumes your guests came up with.

Disadvantages Of Wedding Photo Booths

One disadvantage to having a wedding photo booth is cost—they can be expensive to rent or buy outright. 

What Is A Magic Selfie Mirror?

A magic selfie mirror is a newer option for weddings that is growing in popularity. Guests stand in front of a mirror and are able to take their own selfies. Then, they can add special effects to the photo before sharing it with friends and family.

Types Of Magic Selfie Mirrors

There are many different types of magic selfie mirrors, but they all work in the same way. A camera is placed behind a mirror and guests can stand or sit where their image will be captured on screen. 

To take a photo, they simply hold up their phone to the screen with an app open that allows them access to effects like cartoon drawings, speech bubbles adding text to pictures, custom emojis, etc.

Digital Photo Booth: The first type of magic selfie mirror is a basic digital photo booth. Guests stand in front of the camera and are able to take their own selfies with or without props, like silly hats or glasses. Then, they can add special effects to the photo before sharing it with friends and family.

Interactive Magic Selfie Mirror: This style usually has a large screen that guests stand in front of, and they are then able to see themselves on the screen in real-time. This allows them to pose and interact with their friends or family members who are also in the photo. Once everyone is ready, the picture is taken and they can add special effects just like in the digital photo booth.

Pros Of A Basic Magic Selfie Mirror

A basic magic selfie mirror contains everything guests need for taking photos at weddings: a backdrop that sets the theme, lighting on either side of the screen for better pictures, a photographer if desired, etc. 

Once you’ve paid once-off for this service many companies will give your money back if not enough people use it! This means you’re getting an awesome wedding decoration and something fun for your guests to do during the reception.

Cons Of A Basic Magic Selfie Mirror


The main con of a magic selfie mirror is that you’re limited by the number of people who can use it at once- if your guest list is huge, you might need more than one. Photo booths can usually handle more people in each photo.

How Magic Selfie Mirror And Wedding Photo Booth Compare?

Both options have their benefits, but here are some key differences between wedding photo booths and magic selfie mirrors: 

-Photo booths typically require guests to queue up and take their turn in front of the camera. With a magic selfie mirror, guests can take as many selfies as they want whenever they want.

-Photo booths typically print out photos for guests to take home. Magic selfie mirrors often send digital copies of photos to guests’ phones or social media accounts.

-photo booths usually require some setup time before the wedding starts. Magic selfie mirrors can be set up pretty much anywhere and don’t require any extra time or effort.

Which Is Right For You?

The bottom line is both photo booths and magic selfie mirrors are great options for adding fun and excitement to your wedding day. 

If you’re looking for something that will let all of your guests have a chance to participate. Go with a photo booth. If you’re looking for something that will create a unique and memorable keepsake, go with a magic selfie mirror on the other hand, if you want to make sure that your guests can share their photos online, go with a wedding Photo Booth.

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