Things Many Motorcar Owners Ignore When Buying New Tyres

Motorcar owners seem to ignore the fragile nature of switching vehicle tyres. Changing the motor car tyres needs to take care of when the time is right.

Changing car tyres could be difficult if not done accurately. Placing the car jack in the incorrect place can have the automobile crash down at the wrong possible moment. Not only this, other motor car tyres can cause the vehicle to drive down the street without notice.

It’s a lot more sense to be secure than to be sorry when driving. So, if the motorcar owners have a bad set of tyres, then changing them is the right option. Also, car owners need to know when to change the tyres the correct way. Below, you can find 6 things many people forget when switching the tyres.

The life-span of the motorcar tyres

Many times, motorcar owners only connect the spare tyres when the normal ones obtain damage. While it can not be a poor idea, motorcar owners might want to think of the overall lifespan of the tyres. If the current Continental Tyres Newport have been on the car for 8 years, then they need to put them to rest even if they are well-maintained. Get the vehicle some fresh rubber to help grip roads better.

Remembering the below six tyre-changing points can help obtain a much smoother drive. Below, you can find a list of professional advice motorcar owners can follow when it comes to tyre replacement.

Motorcar owners need to ensure it’s the right time to obtain new tyres. Check for all the signs of uneven wear as well as a tear or apex damage of any kind before they try to buy new tyres. Furthermore, review all the possible issues with the automobile. Installing alternate tyres on the automobile with suspension issues will not help.

Analyze the sidewall markings of the tyres. A typical illustration of a side tyre code is LT 200/70 R 16 96H M+S. The term “LT” indicates Light Trucks, the digit 200 shows the tyre’s width from one sidewall to the other. Also, the number 70 tells the aspect ratio of height to tyre’s width and the letter R means Radial tyres. Moreover, digit 16 indicates the diameter of the wheel perfect for that tyre and 96 is the overall load-bearing capacity. Lastly, the letter H tells the tyre’s speed rating plus the last alphabet refers to mud plus snow. Proper performance of side tyre codes directly helps motorcar owners find the best replacement tyres for the vehicle.

How to place the car jack on the right spot?

Due to insufficient time as well as pure ignorance, motorcar owners plus drivers often will not find a good spot to position their car jack. Some motorcar owners just find the smooth spot under the automobiles and simply place the jack under it. This step is risky as the vehicle is much more likely to slip from the jack and can roll away. If the motorcar owners need to change the front-end tyre, then look for a tiny hole present under the car door area and place the jack below it. Moreover, if the back requires changing, then the motorcar owners need to look for the identical points around the back-door area. Ensure you discover the best spot before positioning the jack.

Tightening or loosening the lug when the car is on the ground

The next moment when changing the tyres, ensure to loosen the lug nuts when the car is on the ground. Otherwise, lifting a car and trying to change and tighten lug nuts is impossible. You will have to repeat the whole process. Also, when tightening simply place them on the wheels after tyre replacement and tighten them when the car is lower on the ground.

Always carry the right tool kit for the tyre

Many motorcar owners can think that the jack, spanners, wrench and a spare tyre are all they need to drive on all kinds of roads. Moreover, car owners carry puncture repair kits to fix tyres when they obtain damage and have then seen them at the closest repair station.

Different types of car tyres

Always ensure the new set of tyres you buy are as per your road conditions or weather. Some of them include

  • Summer tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-season tyres
  • 4×4 tyres
  • Performance tyres
  • Run-flat tyres

Popular Motorcar Cheap Tyres Newport Brands You Can Explore

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Hankook
  • Continental

Contact a well-known tyre store near you to find the best brands, models and car tyres for all kinds of budgets


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