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The video surveillance system installation

Nowadays, video surveillance is one of the most common security systems. The ability to record events and adventures helps not only to resolve controversial issues but also to document crimes. All this makes a person’s life safer and allows companies to minimize theft and property damage risks.

Video surveillance is one of the most common security systems used in both commercial and residential settings. There are many benefits to using video surveillance, including deterring crime, catching criminals in the act, and providing evidence in the event of a crime. In addition, it can also be used to monitor employee activity, providing a record of events in the event of an accident or theft.

Video surveillance can be divided into analog (AHD, HDTVI, HDCVI) and digital IP. The advantage of digital video surveillance is the ability to compress the video stream better, thereby saving hard disk space and performing smart functions, recognizing faces, counting visitors, measuring temperature, reading numbers, etc.

The types

The video surveillance system itself is also divided into two types, which mainly depend on the final cost. An IP video surveillance system is more expensive, but in the end, it can provide much more functionality than an analog one. Recording and working with the archive can be done both on a video recorder and on a computer, the difference will be only in the price, performance and video analytics. In order to determine what exactly you need, we recommend contacting us in any convenient way for you.


One of the main points is the correct installation of the video surveillance system. And this is one of the main criteria that affect the performance and functionality of the system as a whole. The installation of video surveillance itself should first be based on immediate requirements. And then possible ways of implementing the solution.

Let’s look at thing to take into account when installing security cameras:

Climatic conditions – Important to consider, because not all equipment is able to work in an extreme environment Areas of interest.  What do you want to see and what detail of the image is required?

Distance – There are limitations on the distance of data transmission, which may subsequently cause additional costs.

The method of laying communication lines – strobe, corrugation, box, ready-made cable channels. All these items can both increase and decrease the final price for video surveillance installation. Below we will give an example of minimum prices in view of what will be video surveillance for a house or a small office.

The choice of cameras

The main thing to rely on when choosing a video surveillance camera is its resolution, and the higher it is, the better the picture you will get. Take into account that not all surveillance systems are capable of supporting high-resolution cameras due to limited bandwidth. Before buying a surveillance camera, we recommend contacting us for consultation.

Understand that the camera will be used for external surveillance since not all models can cope with climatic changes. Sometimes it is worth overpaying and buying an outdoor camera. Let’s consider the main differences and functions:

The final stage is the correct installation of video surveillance cameras, and very often a professional approach can reduce costs. The installation height and viewing angles of the camera play the most important role. In order to get the expected result, it is also necessary to take into account the characteristics of the camera itself, the place and type of surface on which the surveillance cameras will be installed


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