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Computers and Technology

The Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting App-Development

Getting your apps ready and live for different platforms is how you kick off your digital business or idea. Applications are powerful tools that encapsulate your idea to make a part of the user’s life easy. Apps solve problems, and they are, in a way, the digital version of any startup. And trust us, they require equal or even more work to prepare and establish as an actual startup company does. But no matter how difficult or complex app-making is, they are a must in today’s world of smartphones and an app-dependent world.

Either you are doing something that might require the help of an app, like commuting, walking, finding a store, etc. Or something that totally is dependent on apps, such as browsing, watching videos, etc. From ordering groceries to handling taxes, there is an app (or multiple types of apps) for all the things that we do, either online or even offline.

We have established how important and necessary applications are for people. Now let’s move to the next important question; how should you choose the best flutter mobile app developer and all the things to keep in mind to prepare the best app possible? Choosing the right developer for building the apps is more important than one can imagine. App development is like getting food from the restaurant; yes, you can get pasta from most of the restaurants, but each one offers a different flavor, some good, some really bad.

We’ve divided this article into different sections to elucidate the entire process of choosing a mobile app developer and all the factors associated with the development of the app. From the multi-faceted functionality and features of the app to the cost and compatibility, we’ll cover each and every factor in detail so that you can make the right choice. Get the best app for your company.

Things to consider

Before getting into the app development process, it is important to elaborate on the basics of what an app has and how these things are important to the process of app development. We’ll briefly describe the Big Four factors in app development; Functionality, Design, Type, and Cost. These are the four necessary factors you should consider before moving to the development stage.

The functionality of App

The cost and time of app development depend mostly on the functionality of the app, and so does the success and feasibility too. Functionality refers to the features the app has. What are the things it allows users to do?
Keep in mind that this is not the USP of your application.  The core function of your app makes it unique, for example, YouTube’s core function is to play videos, and Instagram’s is to show images (algorithm-based). These are the core functions. The general functions include login, location, search, analytics, etc.

Basic features

Basic features of an application include the necessary function an app must have to be operational. The most common of these features are a login feature along with registration, search panel, profile section, admin panel, analytics, etc. If you want to create an application with just these features along with the core function of your app, then the time and cost of development will come down.

Advanced features

Along with the basic features, applications can have more features, and as the list of these features grows, the cost and time for development increases as well. The advanced features include a payment gateway, offline functionality, advanced chat features, profile customization, heavy UI/UX features, third-party integration, location-based services, algorithm support, etc. In simple terms, more functionality means more cost and more time for development.

The cost and time for your application’s core functionality will add more to the overall cost. The degree of functionality also depends on the type of application you want to make. For example, if you want to create a simple web client for a news website with the most basic features, then just log in, search, and basic analytics features would be enough.

The UI/UX of the App

The UI of an app means the User Interface, and this is how information and features are presented to the users. The UX stands for User Experience, and this is how the application functions or interacts with the user. Both UI and UX go hand-in-hand, and this is one of the most important elements of your application.

The UI/UX needs an entirely different team of designers and developers working together. A great app with great functionality will fail if the UI/UX elements are weakly made or designed. A clean, easy-to-use, and easy-to-operate application is what everyone wants.

The Type of App

The type focuses on the compatibility of the application. Since we are talking about mobile applications, there are two big platforms: almost all the mobile apps are made; Android and iOS. Your app can be either made to work on one of these operating systems or on both, increasing the time and cost of development. There is also a lighter, cheaper alternative called web apps that can cost a little less than OS apps.

Android apps

Android apps are majorly developed in Java language, although recently (in 2019) Google declared Kotlin as the official language for Android app development. But there are multiple languages that can be used to create apps, such as C#Python C++, but the main two are Java and Kotlin. While the cost of Java and Kotlin app developers is comparatively lower, there are some other factors that increase the cost of Android app development.

Since there are a number of different devices, all with different screen sizes, configurations, and a lot more differences, the testing and compatibility part of app development takes a lot of time and cost.

iOS apps

iOS apps are written in Swift or Objective C. The upfront cost for developing iOS apps is more than Android apps, but there are some benefits in Apple’s ecosystem. First, since there are only a handful of iOS devices, the compatibility and testing phase is very easy and short. This reduces the cost of app development and, at the same time, ensures a better performing, more fluid application.

The Cost of App

Coming to the most important part of this article, what is the general cost of app development in India. This is the most difficult question to answer because of the sheer variability that comes with it. There is no single case where two apps are exactly identical. As we explained before, the scale, size, functionality, design, compatibility, and a hundred different factors add or reduce the cost of an application.

Android apps can cost you anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 5,00,000, depending on the scale and features of the app. Keep in mind that there are many other factors that can add to the cost, such as security, back-end requirements, etc. If INR 5,00,000 sounds too high, it shouldn’t. Some advanced applications with all the functionalities can cost you as high as INR 1-2 crore.

If Android apps sounded costly, you haven’t heard the cost of iOS apps. Starting with a very basic application that can barely do anything, this type of app will cost you anywhere around INR 20,000-30,000. The median price of iOS app development in India is around INR 15,00,000. The higher side of this spectrum can easily cross INR 2-3 crores. As we mentioned, iOS apps are more expensive to develop.

The median cost of web app development ranges from INR 5,00,000 to INR 10,00,000. This amount will get you a great app with all the functionality a web app can get.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing is the smartest and most beneficial move for app development. Almost all companies outsource their applications because of the benefits that come with them. This experience from working on different apps gives us a better understanding of the field.

Outsourcing reduces the cost of app development since setting up an in-house development team would be extremely expensive without adding the cost of making the app. Improperly made and a half-baked application will cost your business more than you can imagine.

Hiring Mobile App Developer

Now that you are familiar with the process of app development and all the basics needed, we can move to the important and the most vital part; what are the things to consider when choosing the best developers to make your apps?


The first and foremost thing to consider while choosing the app developer or app development company is the portfolio. A portfolio shows all the previous projects of the developer and the type of work they can achieve. This will give you a general idea of what to expect, and if the portfolio impresses you, then you can move to the next factor.

Development strength

Developmental strength refers to the developer’s or the company’s ability to deliver and how advanced they can go with their set of skills or team.

When it comes to developmental strength, the more variety of software a development team can create, the better choice they become for your application. For example, we have experience developing iOS apps, Android apps, web apps, game development, Internet of Things software development, and much more. This is necessary as it assures you that the development team will be able to handle your requests and implement all the features that you want in the application. The more we develop, the more we understand.

Fluency in different coding languages is a great indicator of development strength. For example, you can choose our services to hire iOS, Android, flutter, react, python app developers. Along with that, we also offer the development of wearable apps, Apple TV and Chromecast apps, VR apps, and much more.

Native or Hybrid

Another factor that directly affects the cost of development and time is whether the app is going to be just for one operating system or compatible with other operating systems. Native applications are made to work with just one OS, such as Android or iOS. Hybrid applications are developed to be compatible with multiple OS, in this case, both Android and iOS.

If you want to target only Android users or just iOS users, then native app development would be the best choice for you. It costs less, and the app will be developed and ready to use relatively faster. Hybrid apps cost more and take more time since now the app has to be tested on both operating systems. But hybrid apps have better reach and better usability.


How was the experience of other clients, and what are they saying about the app developer? Hiring app developers must always be done after checking the testimonials or reviews about their services. It goes without saying that developers with good reviews and recommendations are the ones you should go with.

Supported services

To get the best service and experience from developers, make sure that they offer not only great development features but also support services such as maintenance, repairs, periodic updates, great back-end support, etc. All these services are crucial for an application to run and operate better. If there is an influx of traffic in your app (more users), make sure that the resources to handle the load are present. Using a Cloud server is the best option here.

Choose app developers from India

Why should you choose app developers from India? Because India is the leader when it comes to application development. So the quality is, without a doubt, excellent. The other, perhaps the most important, the benefit is the cost. India offers great app development at the lowest price possible. This is due to the rising popularity and companies preferring India for their app development.

The median cost of development in India is lower than US, UK, Singapore, and many other IT powerhouse countries. Plus, you get excellent support, management, and after-sales services.

Your benefits

Always ensure that you get the maximum benefits from hiring the developers. These benefits include a great app development process, excellent supportive services, great cost to feature ratio, faster development time, excellent compatibility, and app quality.

Expert App Developers have some deals that add to the benefits. The more time your app takes, the more costly it will be. Expert App Devs offers 40 free hours of development if you get the two months development pack. These 40 hours can add a lot to your application.


As application developers, our responsibility is to ensure the development of applications that are fluidly compatible with all the devices, easy to use, powerful with all the required features, and follow all the security protocols to ensure the highest level of security to the user data. Delivering on time to ensure the customers get the most value for their money is always the number one priority.

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