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The Mystery Ingredient of Your Kitchen Interiors is Missing: Virokill

Kitchens are therapeutic. There are times when it’s just you making your comfort meal after a long stressful day, and there are days when you have a cooking session with your family members and there are date nights. There is nothing more comforting than a home-cooked meal, a clean, delicious, nutritious food cooked with proper hygiene, love, and care.

The kitchen is the trickiest part when it comes to interiors. The kitchen is the most complex part of the design, the list of reasons is endless such as it has to be spacious, accommodative, sustainable, and functional and it has to make sense. You would not want to deal with a dysfunctional kitchen. To pull off the designing or renovating project of a kitchen you would need extensive planning, from choosing materials to designing or just choosing the color pallet you need to get it figured out all.

Best Pick for your kitchen: CenturyPly

When it comes to the kitchen you will need to prioritize hygiene, and safety. When it comes to modular kitchens, plywood, and laminate are the best materials to opt for. Quality matters the most when it comes to the interiors of the kitchen or the whole home. The CenturyPly plywoods and laminates are the best choice for any interior and exterior renovation or remodeling project. CenturyPly has been in the market since 1986 and has changed the horizon of living spaces in India by launching top-grade ranges of composite materials such as Boiling Waterproof resistant plywood (Sainik 710), Lucida Laminates, etc.

We all witnessed the horror of the virus in the last two years due to the global pandemic. The pandemic was caused by the coronavirus. Do we need to explain anything further? CenturyPly has been at the forefront since 1986, of manufacturing highly technologically advanced composite materials. Due to the virus and infectious bacteria, CenturyPly has launched a new range of plywood and laminate for furniture and the kitchen which is infused with the latest technology of Virokill.

What is Virokill?

CenturyPly is a well-known plywood and laminate manufacturer. Virokill is the technology launched by CenturyPly, where composites materials such as plywood and laminates are infused with nanoparticles with self-cleaning nature. These nanoparticles are going to be the destroyer of all microbes, bacteria, viruses, and fungus on the surfaces of interiors.

There are numerous features attached to the technology of Virokill such as:

  • 9% of hygiene
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-Virus
  • Thermostable
  • Virokill stays for eternity
  • Safe for human contacts

99.9% of hygiene

Virokill is the latest technology launched by the market leader, CenturyPly. The main philosophy of CenturyPly is to add innovation and make the transformational shift to the horizon of Indian living spaces. CenturyPly has launched, the latest ViroKil technology is infused with nanoparticles which automatically gets activated when they get into contact with invisible viruses, microbes, fungus, etc, and kills them. This makes Virokill the most hygienic way to keep your surfaces clean and free from germs.

Virokill is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-virus.


When it’s the kitchen, there is always going to be water spilling, heat, and humidity. Thus, plywood has to be strong enough to endure these conditions. Virokill technology is thermostable which makes it capable of handling water flow, humidity, and heat.

Virokill stays for eternity

Until and unless the plywood is not damaged physically and chemically, virokill will stay eternally. The technology of Virokill will not even deplete after years. This feature of Virokill makes it the best way to protect your surfaces from fungus, microbes, and viruses. Virokill is the most sustainable technology launched by CenturyPly, which makes it unbeatable and makes your kitchen 99.9% safe, clean and hygienic.

Safe for human contacts

Yes, you heard it right! Virokill is meant for killing microbes, bacteria, and fungus, the technology of virokill is perfectly safe for humans. This is another feature that makes Plywood with Virokill technology to be the best choice.

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