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Text Message Template Ideas To Increase Customer Engagement

Improving Customer Engagement is Critical

Engaging your consumers may result in higher customer retention rates, which promotes repeat business and increases income. According to research done by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, “… a 5% improvement in client retention results in a more than 25% gain in profit.”

SMS as a commercial communication channel has shown to be an efficient medium for engaging with clients because of its immediacy and 97 percent open rate. Given that it is 25 times more costly to attract a new client than to maintain an existing customer, the cheap cost of SMS (relative to email and phone calls) may further bring down communication/marketing expenses.

What Makes SMS an Effective Customer Engagement Tool?

SMS messages reach clients more quickly than emails and phone calls. Only 15% to 25% of emails are read, while voicemail often results in phone-tag and a sluggish response time at best. Furthermore, texting is 10 times quicker than phoning and 5 times more effective than email. The SMS message’s text style and direct service to the client make it an effective route of communication for companies.

SMS Gateway is also beneficial to the client. SMS gives the client the option of responding fast to the company or responding later or at a more convenient moment. Finally, the most critical element is that the consumer hears the message from the firm, which emails and phone conversations cannot always guarantee.

Without further ado, let’s go through the following text message template ideas and how each one leads to increased client engagement.

Ideas for Text Message Templates to Increase Customer Engagement

  • Keeping in Touch with Customers

After a company has developed a connection with a client, it is always a good idea for the company to contact the consumer every three months or so. This helps the company to learn about any product comments or remain up to speed on any prospective future purchases made by the consumer. SMS also acts as a reminder to the consumer that the company is still there and ready to help. SMS is an excellent tool for companies to communicate with their consumers in a non-intrusive manner. A ‘touch-base’ SMS may look like this:

“Hello [John], I hope everything is okay. I’m just checking in to see how you’re enjoying the [product] you just bought from us. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you. [Jess from Company]

An excellent politeness or promotional text message should be Personal, Friendly, and Relevant, according to the’sales’ rule of thumb.

  • Customers Are Being Reminded Of Important Information

As previously stated, consumers may not always get information given by email or voice message. Important information, such as bill payments or appointment reminders, may be missed or overlooked whether communicated through mail, email, or voice message. Fortunately, companies can utilise text messages to send reminders to customers in real time.

Important information that may need an SMS to a consumer includes:

Account Specifics (ie. passwords)

Confirmation of Appointment

Bills that are due, are now due, or are past due

Delivery status and more more

Reminder Text Message Text Message Template

  • Promotions (In Conjunction With Special Events)

Promotions, particularly when performed in conjunction with special occasions like birthdays and holidays, are a terrific way to increase client retention! Businesses may simply send SMS promos in bulk while personalising SMS messages with SMS. According to Frederick Reichheld’s study, the low cost of running an SMS campaign to existing consumers is negligible when compared to the price of gaining new clients.

A promotional SMS may look like this:

“The [business] staff would want to wish you a Happy Birthday [John].” You may use this text message to get 50% off your next purchase at any [business shop]. We wish you a wonderful day.”

A promotional SMS would not only be a cost-effective investment in keeping consumers and establishing customer loyalty, but it would also be a kind gesture that would put a smile on the customer’s face.

  • Feedback Instrument

Because SMS is fast, it is an efficient method for firms to conduct surveys and collect critical client feedback.

SMS surveys may look like this

“Thank you for stopping by [Business].” On a scale of one to ten…

“…. How do you rank our customer service?”

…Refer a friend or colleague to our [store/service/product].”

“Thank you for stopping by [Business].” How did you learn about our company?

Text ‘1’ to go online.

Sign by texting ‘2’

“Text ‘3’ to get a referral.”

That’s all there is to it! Four text message content ideas for increasing consumer involvement in your organisation. As a result, it may boost client retention and income. Although SMS seems to be a rudimentary communication medium (in the perspective of the current world), it has shown to be durable. It has also offered companies and consumers with easy and diverse functioning.

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