Shipping to Australia from USA: How to Get the Best Deals

If you’re planning to ship an item or shipping cost from the US to Australia, there are many factors you need to take into account to get the best deals and to make sure your items arrive at their destination safely. By following these tips, you’ll be able to achieve both goals and save money as well. Here’s how to ship to Australia from the USA!

Use Your Brain

You need a plan for shipping, one that will save you time and money. Shop and ship, cargo freight international, freight forwarding us- all of these are great ways to find deals on shipping packages internationally.

You also want to know about taxes and duties. If you’re shipping from the US to Germany or UK then your package will have duties (taxes) and VAT (Value Added Tax).

These vary by country but can be as high as 20% of your total cost. Know how much they are before you decide what is best for your company!

Buy in Bulk When Possible

When you are shipping to Australia, it is often cheaper and more convenient to buy your items in bulk. This way you can send them all together instead of paying for a separate shipment each time.

Plus, buying in bulk when possible can save you money on shipping costs. You will have fewer packages to ship and therefore less weight as well as volume than if you had bought just one package at a time.

For example, shipping from us to Germany might cost $60 but shipping to UK shipping cost might $75 per package.

Therefore if you were going to purchase 3 different products, it would be much cheaper for you to purchase all three in one order rather than ordering separately which would cost $210 ($60 + $75 x 2).

The same goes for shipping from the US to AUS; by purchasing the three products together with one package, the shipping would only be $60 which is less than half what the total would be otherwise!

Shipping costs

Look for Free Shipping Offers

A great way to get shipping to Australia from the USA is by using online discount deals. These are usually labeled with Free Shipping! on Amazon’s website, which means that you won’t be charged for any of your shipping costs.

Sometimes these shipping deals will also be labeled with Prime or just a percentage off the total order. Prime shipping means that if you’re an Amazon Prime member, then your purchase will ship for free within two days of your order being placed.

If you’re not a Prime member and want quick shipping, then sometimes there are discounts when ordering items at least $25 in value, which can easily meet this requirement. Other discount offers like 5% off orders of $100 or more, which would cover most items ordered on Amazon.

Use Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are a great way to save money while shopping online. They can help you get items for free and you also can buy them at a discount.

For instance, simply googling How To Save Money Shopping Online will yield many results that will show you some of the best ways to do so. One such way is by using coupon codes when checking out your online purchase.

Compare Prices Among Different Sites

The key to getting a good deal on international shipping is shopping around. Many different sites offer both domestic and international shipping, and you should compare prices among them all.

The best way to start is by looking for a reputable company, then comparing prices between sites. If you know your package weight, can help narrow down which site has the best deal on shipping costs. Finally, don’t forget about import taxes – they will be charged when your package arrives in Australia.

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