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The titan among pilot’s watches

Since its launch in 2020, Longines’ Spirit collection has realigned the portfolio of the traditional Swiss manufacturer more towards timepieces whose design is based on the great pilot’s swiss replica watches of the past decades. Longines has thus revived the pioneering spirit that has characterized the brand since its inception. Nevertheless, the retro watches do not do without the latest technology and contemporary workmanship. I held my first pilot’s watch from the Spirit collection in my hands for the first time in the spring of this year. Since then, the Longines Spirit Chronograph L3.820.4.93.0 has been one of my favorite watches and was able to convince in the test across the board.

Longines is now presenting four new additions that are intended to

make the Spirit collection even more multifaceted and therefore more varied. Within the series,

these are the first models whose cases are made of titanium and not conventional stainless steel. This certainly raises special expectations: improved wearing comfort, even more resistance to scratches, increased durability and much more.

The combination of pilot’s watch and titanium makes sense at first glance. With its innumerable advantages,

the high-tech material is mainly used in aviation,

for example in aircraft construction. In this watch test you will find out whether it is worth buying a wristwatch with a titanium case instead of stainless steel.

my first impression

The Longines Spirit Titan comes in a gold and anthracite look and I like the look of it right away – also because I admit I have a soft spot for pilot’s watches. In this case, the reference number L3.810.1.53.2 means that the watch has a case diameter of 40 millimeters and comes with an anthracite-colored Nato strap. Alternatively, the watch is also available with a titanium strap and – or – or a diameter of 42 millimeters. Everyone should be able to find the right configuration for bahçeşehir bayan escort them.

The design of the dial looks very tidy, functional and easy to read; just as you would expect from a typical pilot’s watch. I turn the watch and examine the processing of the individual components, which is impressive. This premium level is what you are used to from Longines and you can

expect it from a men’s watch at a price of 2,500 euros.

With Longines’ signature strap changing system,

the synthetic Nato strap is quickly removed to reveal the titanium case back.

The winged hourglass – the oldest

logo in the world – is emblazoned in the middle in

front of a globe with the manufacturer’s lettering.

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The Longines Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2 on the wrist

I reattach the bracelet and put the Longines Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2 on for the first time. The plane looks good on the wrist. The Spirit Titan even looks quite sporty with the dark Nato strap, ready for use in the cockpit, which I won’t do today.

With a diameter of 40 millimeters, the L3.810.1.53.2 is a comparatively compact timepiece that, thanks to its moderate size, also fits smaller wrists. The housing height of just 12.20 millimeters underlines the sporty character. If you prefer a size larger on your wrist, you have to pay 100 euros more.

The sportiness just described does not rule out wearing the Longines Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2 in business or on festive occasions. This is thanks to the design, which gives the pilot’s watch a noble touch.

The titanium case in detail

Thanks to the new material, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the classic round case with the curved lugs. The alternating matt and polished surfaces are of high quality and contribute to the flawless case finish, as does the polished bezel.

To summarize the many advantages of titanium in two sentences: the material is extremely light,

very corrosion-resistant and therefore more scratch-resistant and three times harder than stainless steel. This guarantees a very long service life and a comfortable fit in everyday life, which I can also confirm. For the watch glass, Longines also relies on an exquisite selection of materials and uses resistant sapphire. During production, the manufacturer provides it with several anti-reflective layers on the front and back,

which are actually indispensable for a pilot’s watch. After all,

perfect readability should be guaranteed in every situation,

especially in the cockpit and in bright sunlight. swiss replica watches

I already know the sixfold screwed case back from the blue Spirit Chronometer. In contrast to many of its competitors, Longines does without a circular viewing window and instead engraves its trademark, the winged sundial, into the satin-finished, sun-brushed titanium back. In the outer area,

further specifications of the Longines Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2 can

be read, including the water resistance. Longines specifies the value as a maximum of 10 bar, which should be more than sufficient for a pilot’s watch. Water splashes do not damage the men’s watch.

72 hour power reserve and 5 year guarantee

The automatic movement can be wound via the screwed crown,

which is very easy to do thanks to the sufficient size and the fluted sides. The L888.4 is made exclusively for

Longines and I already know it from the Longines Legend Diver Bronze and the Longines Silver Arrow L2.834.4.72.2. The special feature is the silicon balance spring installed inside, which makes the automatic movement insensitive to magnetism and therefore convinces with good accuracy. Longines specifies the power reserve as a maximum of 72 hours, which is far above the industry average. As with the other models with an L888.4 caliber, Longines gives its Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2 a five-year guarantee!swiss replica watches

Dial and bracelet of the Longines Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2

Those who are familiar with the models of the

Spirit collection will not be surprised by the design of the dial. As with the previous models,

it stands out due to its tidiness and its classic, timeless design,

which is characterized by easily legible

Arabic numerals and the characteristic five stars above 6 o’clock. The red tip of the second hand adds a color accent to the dignified犀利士
anthracite-gold combination. The numerals and the gold-plated hands are provided with Swiss Super-LumiNova® luminous material, which looks very impressive in the dark.

Apart from lettering at 6 and 12 o’clock, there are no other elements on the dial. Longines has dispensed with a date window.

When it comes to bracelets, it all comes down to personal taste. The included Nato strap is definitely not for everyone. If you prefer a classic look, you can go for the titanium bracelet. The Nato strap is made of a synthetic material that was very comfortable to wear during my testing days.

In practice, it is undisputedly the most functional bracelet. If you really want to wear the watch for more sporty activities, this variant is the best choice. The titanium pin buckle guarantees a secure hold. The bracelet can be exchanged very easily thanks to the practical exchange system. swiss replica watches

My verdict on the Longines Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2

Is the Spirit Titan L3.810.1.53.2 Longines’ best pilot’s watch from the Spirit collection? In a way, it’s safe to say that, arguing with the case, for example, which in many ways is the best of the collection. The advantages of titanium over stainless steel cannot be denied.

If you value a lighter, more durable and more robust case, you have to pay at least 400-500 euros more compared to comparable Spirit models. On the other hand,

if you are satisfied with stainless steel,

the Longines shop offers a large selection of pilot’s watches that are also very good.

The Longines Spirit Titan with the reference number L3.810.1.53.2 costs 2,500 euros. A case with a larger diameter costs 2,600 euros, for the variants with a titanium bracelet 2,800 and 2,900 euros. These are very fair prices, especially in view of the good workmanship and the unique design. swiss replica watches

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