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NAS storage security guide – Secure your NAS with these simple steps

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is designed to make your business operations go smoother. Unfortunately, not all NAS storage systems are properly secured. Even the best scale out NAS systems are prone to attacks by hackers. This is particularly the case when considering the growing threat of ransomware which can wreak havoc on unprotected network infrastructures.

Almost every Network Attached Storage (NAS) comes with an administration or management software allowing you to manage users, permissions, quotas, and much more. For some users, this is enough to protect their valuable data.

However, there is much more you can do have a resilient NAS storage device. This guide will show how to prevent your NAS from being hacked or accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Know the basic security principles

Knowing the basic security principles can help prevent your NAS storage from becoming an easy target for hackers and cybercriminals. Here are a few points you should remember:

Keep your NAS device up-to-date, either through the manufacturer’s update process or by using third-party software.

  • Keep your Network Attached Storage device password-protected.
  • Don’t share your password.
  • Make sure your NAS storage device is connected to a protected network, in which your case is your ISP.
  • Don’t open unknown files or emails.
  • Use up-to-date antivirus software on your NAS device.
  • Make sure your NAS storage device has the latest firmware updates.
  • Don’t use NAS to store and backup business-critical information. There are DR and backup devices for that.
  • Don’t install any unnecessary programs or apps on your NAS device.
  • Don’t connect a Network Attached Storage to the Internet unless required.

Secure your router

Securing your router is essential because it is the gateway through which all data transactions take place.

First, make sure your router uses encryption. This will prevent hackers from snooping on your network. Most routers come with built-in encryption.

Next, make sure the password on your network is strong. Pick a password that’s at least eight characters long, and that doesn’t include personal information like your name or phone number.

You can also use your router’s firewall to set rules for filtering services and applications. For example, you can block all HTTP traffic, so only HTTPS is allowed.

You can also set your router to require a username and password to log in. This protects against hackers who might be using the default username or password for your network.

Securing your NAS storage

Keep the following in mind when setting up a NAS device:

  • Use secure credentials. Passwords to access your NAS devices should be complex, lengthy, and unique.
  • Encrypt your NAS. Encryption protects sensitive files stored on your device by scrambling the information so only authorized users can access the files. Some NAS devices support strong encryption like AES encryption used by StoneFly, while others let you operate a separate encryption application.
  • Set strict firewall rules. Firewalls keep unauthorized users from accessing your NAS devices. Some devices have built-in firewalls, while others use applications to protect network devices.
  • Monitor activity. Log into your NAS device regularly and review any suspicious activity, such as large data transfers or malware activity.
  • Back up your NAS. Be sure to back up important data stored on your NAS device. You’ll also want to periodically back up your entire NAS device to ensure your data is safe.

Bottom Line

If you don’t want to get involved in creating your own storage infrastructure and save time and money, the best course of action is to go for tailor-made integrated NAS appliances like StoneFly SSO NAS that comes with AES encryption, Anti Ransomware support, WORM volumes, immutable snapshots – all by default and at a fraction of the price.

Thumbs up if this guide was able to help secure your NAS storage.

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