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Making Bathrooms a Safer Space for the Elderly

Everyone goes to the bathroom without ending up being a part of any incident every day. However, it is not the same with the elders. The most hazardous location for them in the house is the bathroom where accidents like falls can happen resulting in significant injuries that may necessitate hospital visits. 

As someone who cares for the elderly one – you must look forward to making the bathroom a safer place for them. If you are wondering how it can be done? Then keep reading until the end to find out.

Why is it Important to Create a Safer Bathroom Space for the Elderly?

It is important to create a safer bathroom space for the elderly because of multiple reasons. Firstly, you need to understand that as individual ages, they become prone to several physical restrictions. This can include joint pains, improper balance while walking, poor eyesight, and more. 

When the elderly use a bathroom that is always wet or slippery and has sharp corners, there is always danger waiting around the corner to harm them. The elderly may end up falling down or breaking a bone. God Forbid! However, when you create a safer bathroom space for them, it lowers the risks of accidents to zero. 

You would feel free to let them use the bathroom on their own which somehow increases independence and confidence. Also, they are likely to feel less anxious knowing that toilet assistance for the elderly has been installed for them to get all the support they require in the meantime. Not to mention, the other members of the family will also get the peace of mind they deserve.

How Can You Create A Safer Bathroom Space for the Elderly?

By Introducing Aids

In order to create a safer bathroom space for the elderly, here are a few things that you can get for assistance including 

  • Grab Rails 

One of the first things that you can install in the bathroom to enhance safety is grabbed rails. These allow the elderly to get support and create balance when standing up or sitting down. It also makes walking around the washroom easier knowing that they can hold it without any problem. 

Furthermore, the grab rails usually have a fine and anti-slip texture that offers a better grip. On the other hand, relying on anything else for support like the towel racks is not suggested as they may end up breaking and making the elderly fall.

  • Adjustable Showerhead

One can add an adjustable showerhead for the elderly to offer safe and convenient bathing when needed. 

The elderly can easily alter the showerhead to the most comfortable height and position as they are quite adjustable in nature. Also, they can move it around to wash their body without needing to bend or stretch too much.

  • Toilet Frame with Seat 

Using the toilet can be a bit challenging for the elderly, who may find it difficult to squat. This is because elderly people experience several health ailments including knee or joint pains that stop them from being flexible. In order to make things easier and safer for them, toilet frames with seats can be installed.

These usually offer support to the user when they are using the toilet. Moreover, the toilet frames with seats come with easy height adjustment, comfortable moulded arms and non-slip feet that make coming in and out of the toilet easier.

  • Slip-Proof Mats 

It does not matter what your age is, being in the bathroom can always be risky if it is slippery. However, the elderly ones are at great risk to fall off as they experience different physical problems besides poor eyesight. If you think your bathroom is slippery or can be a risk for your elderly one – then make sure to add slip-proof mats for safety. 

The slip-proof mats can be added anywhere in the bathroom including close to the sink, at the entrance, near the bathtub or in the shower area. Adding these anti-slip mats can enhance safety and minimise the risk of falling to zero.


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