Lab Grown Diamonds: The Future Of Jewelry?

Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry

Did You Know That Diamonds Are Not Created Naturally But Instead, Are Grown In Laboratories? This Fact May Come As A Surprise To Some People Because It’s So Rarely Discussed. But It’s True! Though We Don’t Necessarily Think Of Lab-Grown Diamonds As Real, They Just As Beautiful And Valuable As Mined Diamonds (If Not More So). The Only Real Difference Between The Two Types Of Diamonds That laboratory-grown Ones Are Slightly Less Expensive Than Mined Diamonds, And They Have Fewer Imperfections (Such As Nicks Or Cracks) Than Their Mined Counterparts Do.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds Are An Affordable Alternative To Real, Mined Diamonds. They Also Called Man-Made Or Synthetic. For A Fraction Of What It Would Cost To Buy A Real Diamond, You Get One That More Eco-Friendly And Conflict Free. Most Experts Agree That Lab grown Diamond Manufacturer Just As Strong And Beautiful As Mined Diamonds. They Come In All Shapes And Sizes—Doubles, Trilliants, And Pears—But They’re Priced According To Their Size As Well As Their Cut Quality. A Round 0.9 Carat Stone Will Cost Significantly Less Than Its 1 Carat Counterpart; However, Both Stones Have Similar Clarity Ratings (In Most Cases). There Are Other Benefits To Lab-Grown Stones Too..

How Do You Make Them In The Lab?

A Lab-Grown Diamond—Or A Diamond Created In A Lab, Rather Than Dug Out Of Earth’s Crust—Isn’t Necessarily Cheaper, But It Is Better. It’s Safer And Greener And Guaranteed To Be Conflict-Free (Meaning Mined Diamonds Can Often Have Ties To Rebel Groups Or Corrupt Regimes). Even More Important, Though, Is That It Represents A Growing Realization That We Have Choices When It Comes To Our Shopping Habits—That What We Buy Doesn’t Have To Come At Any Cost. There Costs Associated With Both Types Of Diamonds; Making Them Responsibly Means Treating Workers Well (No Matter Where They Live) And Cutting Out Environmental Damages. It Also Means Holding Companies Accountable For Their Claims About Materials And Practices.

Is This A Good Thing For Consumers?

If You’re A Consumer, lab created diamonds Offer Several Advantages. For One, They Typically Less Expensive Than Mined Diamonds. They Also Eliminate Many Of Your Concerns About Conflict Diamonds Or the Blood Diamond Trade. So If These Are Attractive To You (As A Consumer), Then Why Wouldn’t They Be Attractive To An Ethical Manufacturer? In Other Words, We Shouldn’t Let Moral Considerations Hinder Us From Pursuing Better (And More Profitable) Ways To Do Business!

Are They Less Valuable Than Mined Diamonds?

Diamonds That Dug Out Of The Ground Valued For Their Rarity, But Lab-Grown Diamonds Made Artificially In A Laboratory And Therefore Aren’t Rare At All. For Now, They Are Significantly Cheaper Than Mined Diamonds Because They’re So New To the Market. Diamond Experts Say That Mined Stones Will Always Retain Their Value Better Than Synthetics Because—Let’s Face It—Something is Exciting About Going On An Adventure In Hopes Of Finding Buried Treasure! According To Research From Bain & Company, A Synthetic Diamond Costs Around $300–$500 Per Carat, While A Natural Diamond Can Go For Anywhere Between $3,000 And $4,000 Per Carat Or Even More.

There Other Concerns About Lab Grown Diamonds, Like Environmental Ones?

Diamond Mined, Which not A Sustainable Process. So Lab-Grown Diamonds Help Reduce Some Ecological Pressures On Natural Diamond Deposits—And Increase Overall Diamond Supply As Demand Grows In Developing Countries. Currently, Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Still 10 Percent More Expensive Than Their Mined Counterparts; It Take Time For Mass Production And Cost Reduction To Bring Prices Down Further. But Experts Say That May Happen Within A Decade Or Two. Of Course, To Make That Possible Requires More Investment And Research Into Improving Lab-Grown Methods.

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