Key Considerations When Writing ACS RPL Employment Reference Letter

No ACS RPL report can win a positive ACS skill assessment without an influential and convincing employment reference letter. Therefore, you must pay heed to the key considerations when you write your employment reference letter. Besides that, you also need to how to submit it.

Taking all these facts into account, we found it necessary to write this blog. Here, we will provide you with valuable and helpful information related to the employment reference letter. So, reading this whole blog is a must-do for you.

Points to remember when writing an employment reference letter:

You must keep the following things in mind when writing an RPL ACS employment reference letter:

  1. If your employment is ‘Current’, include the term ‘To Date’ in your employer reference. In addition, mention the date when the reference was written.
  2. Your experience will only be taken into account up until the application deadline.
  3. The duty description you provide in your reference letter must be in harmony with the nominated occupation.
  4. If your dates and responsibilities are not clear or understandable, your work episode will be unsuitable.
  5. The authority will take the work experience you gained as a part of your qualification as ‘Concurrent Employment’. Furthermore, it will be unacceptable as skilled employment.
  6. Your work experience before 18 will be unacceptable for skilled employment. In fact, the authority will list this work experience as ‘not professional level ICT experience’. Generic references not including particular specifics on responsibilities will have an evaluation as ‘Not Suitable’ due to lack of information.
  7. References with ANZSCO duties copied and pasted will be unacceptable. As a matter of fact, each episode of employment needs the employment reference letter. Your employer must provide clear information on your duties and talents in all references. Your employer or a person appointed by your employer must sign the references.

How to submit your employment reference letter:

When you complete your online application, break out episodes of employment to show ‘Australia’ and ‘Outside of Australia’ employment.

Employment in Australia:

Record separately each period of Australian employment in the online application.

Outside Australia Employment:

You have worked for different employers or outside Australia employment is split into Australia Employment episodes.

If having worked for the same employer in the same or closely related occupation in many countries (except Australia), then:

Record this as a single period of employment outside Australia in the online application.

The ACS RPL assessment authority will find your work experience unsuitable in the following conditions:

  1. if worked for different employers at the same time:

Only one employment event has recognition at one time if you finish one employment period when also working on another.

  1. Your nominated ANZSCO is not in harmony with ANZSCO:

On the basis of the given information in the paperwork, if your tasks are not related to the chosen occupation.

  1. Insufficient documentation results in a failed assessment:

The authority will consider it not assessed if the documentation given doesn’t fulfil the requirements of the Skills Assessment Guidelines. Besides that, ACS will also deem is as not assessed if it is insufficient to fulfil the assessment criteria.

  1. Your work episode is not evaluable because of lack of detail:

ACS RPL assessment authority will be unable to make an assessmen犀利士
t if you don’t provide sufficient information. So, give sufficient information to the RPL ACS Skilled Assessment Australia authority.

  1. Questions with Result Letters:

You should reach ACS via email with your Application ID reference number having any questions regarding the assessment results.


Your ACS RPL employment reference letter must have the following:

  • Your employment start and finish dates: these must be in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Position title.
  • Your duty description: it is a must to determine the relevance of the experience to the chosen occupation.
  • If possible, a breakdown of any previous roles and a description of tasks performed for the same employer.
  • Hours worked: The country where you worked, full-time or part-time, and exact hours per week.
  • An authorized person for the organization must sign your company letterhead. Remember that digital signatures are acceptable and verifiable.

Common reasons why ACS RPL employment reference letter leads to rejection:

Rejection will happen if your reference letter doesn’t have clear start and finish dates. Therefore, it’s wise to take ACS RPL review services if having any confusion.

Your mentioned tasks and responsibilities must be in harmony with the chosen occupation in the ANZSCO. In fact, 65% of the obligations must be the same. If not, your letter will have an evaluation as ‘unsuitable due to lack of information’.

ACS RPL authority doesn’t tolerate plagiarism. Therefore, keep your ACS RPL report unique with nothing plagiarized in your letter. In addition, remember that ACS will verify your information; false information will lead to a direct denial.

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