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Is Wpc Terrace Board Better Than Hardwood Decking?

Now that having a terrace deck is so popular, there are many different materials available to fit everyone’s needs. For a long time, hardwood decking boards were the most popular material, but as circumstances and people’s requirements have changed, so have materials prices. We must examine the five most common questions individuals ask when choosing which material to utilize in order to fairly compare the two.

  • Cost
  • Aesthetic
  • Use
  • lifespan and upkeep
  • impact on the environment

Start with comparing costs, which is likely the most important comparison.

The price

If saving money is your top priority, hardwood might be a better choice since the terrace boards wood click system is typically more expensive. Depending on the type of wood, polish, cut, etc. you choose, the price difference may be less noticeable, but the terrassendielen holz klicksystem is normally more expensive.

The use of softwoods is an option if you really want to cut costs. Just proceed with caution as there are certain drawbacks to using them. More details on the variations in wood types are available in our earlier blog post. The terrace skirting board is also economical. 

Why does hardwood cost more than composite wood?

Why does hardwood cost more than composite wood?

There are a few factors that contribute to terrace boards wood click system‘s higher cost compared to hardwood. The amount of labor required to create each board is primarily to blame.

For hardwood, the wood often only needs to be sawn and chopped before being sold. Contrarily, composite wood is produced using a trickier method.

Using a combination of wood and plastic, composite wood is created (which is usually recycled). It takes work and equipment to be able to make these two materials; it is not a “simple” task.

Below, we go into greater detail regarding the effect on the environment.


In the process of choosing a decision, the aesthetic is crucial. You will definitely lean more toward selecting hardwood if having a really realistic wooden look is crucial to you. After all, the wood is real!

However, composite decking that closely resembles genuine wood is now available and looks quite realistic. However, you should be aware that these boards are more expensive, so you might want to consider your budget before making a choice.

Hardwood is prone to color fading over time and may even significantly deform from exposure to the elements. This is typical behavior for a natural product, and some people appreciate it since it gives the deck “character.” Terrace boards wood click system might be selected if you’re going for a simpler or more modern appearance.

Below, we go into further detail on the maintenance.


The sort of wood you should think about using can be influenced by how you intend to use the deck. For instance, composite decking can be a better option for you if you intend to use it as a play area for kids. This is due to the fact that composite boards have a finer consistency since they are formed of sawdust, wood chips, or wood fibers. They are then pressure treated after being combined with polymers. This results in an extremely sturdy, long-lasting board that won’t splinter, making it safe for your kids to play on. 

On the other hand, if you intend to use your deck for eating, you can choose to choose hardwood as you will be sitting at the table and in chairs for most of the time. Also if you want to protect your wall you need to add a terrassen sockelleiste.

Lifespan and maintenance 

Lifespan and maintenance 

Generally speaking, the terrace boards wood click system is superior to hardwood when comparing the lifespan and maintenance of hardwood vs. composite decking. However, upkeep is simple if you use a high-end solution like Textural.

To get rid of dirt and contaminants, we advise using Net-tool on occasion in between applications.

The main factor limiting the lifespan of composite and hardwood wood is having a deck frame that is vulnerable to harm. The most frequent cause of frame failure is inadequate drainage beneath the deck, which leads to eventual water damage and failure.

Effect on the environment


Effect on the environment

Over the past ten years or so, those who desire to lessen their carbon footprint have given this idea increasing attention.

We believe that it’s crucial to consider this. Although most hardwoods are less expensive, they can actually cost the environment more. Additionally, we advise confirming their PEFC and FSC certifications.


This concludes our comparison of hardwood vs. composite wood decking. Please get in touch with us if you are still unsure or have any queries. As always, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or counsel.

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