How To Unblock Someone On Cash App: A Quick Guide 2022

How do I unblock someone on Cash App

As you know, everyone is using digital payment platforms these days. The more digital payments, the more people are Online. Making digital payments or browsing anything is a good experience, however,  it is also triggering Online fraud activities. Luckily, Cash App comes with a Block feature. Using this feature, you can block someone if you suspect any fraud on the app. However, sometimes, you block a person mistakenly or you realize that the person whom you blocked is not a scammer and you want to unblock him. Don’t fret, this guide will let you know how to block, what happens if you block someone and how to unblock someone if you want to do so.

So, read this step-by-step guide till the end to know in detail.

Why do you need to block someone on the Cash App?

As aforesaid you need to block someone for safety purposes. Cash App has provided the Block” option to make the platform safe and secure from fraudsters. So, the main reason why you need to block someone on a Cash app is to stop him/her from sending or receiving payment to and from you. Or you block someone when you find the individual is involved in any scams. Moreover, you can also block someone for a while, and later you can unblock them.

Since we can unblock a person on Cash App after blocking him, lets us know how to block someone on Cash App. Once you are clear about how to block a person, it becomes quite easier to unblock the individual.

A Cash App user can easily block someone by following the steps shown below:

  1. Open the Cash App

  2. Click on the “Activity” tab

  3. Search a the person you want to block (in activity feed)

  4. Tap on the name of person

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of his profile and select “Block”.

What change do you observe in the transaction history after blocking someone?

What change do you observe in the transaction history after blocking someone

When you block someone on a Cash App, you would observe that each transaction or request you received from the person you blocked is no longer there. You will no longer be able to send and receive money or requests from him. Moreover, he will not be able to see your account.

Can you unblock the person you blocked on Cash App?

Yes, you can, Cash App allows you to unblock a person on the app. Steps to block and unblock are similar only you have to tap unblock on the place of block option.

How to unblock someone on Cash App

How to unblock someone on Cash App

If you have blocked someone by mistake or you want to unblock for any reason. Here are the simple steps to follow right away:

  1. Open the Cash App or login into your account.

  2. Open your Cash App transaction Activity.

  3. Locate the person you want to unblock (you can search him by name)

  4. Tap the person and then click on the “unblock” option

  5. Start your transactions with unblocked person

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If you block someone on a Cash App, will he know about it?

Most of people want to keep it hidden. Fortunately, the person whom you blocked won’t know about it. Cash App follows the bank Transfer Code and does not notify the person you block. The blocked person can’t send and receive payments and can’t see you in his contact list. However, if you have got another account, he can do all things until you block him again with the new account.

Why do you encounter issues while sending payment to an unblocked person?

You might encounter issues even after you have followed all the steps required because of two main reasons. First reason is you might be having poor internet connection and another reason is the person you unblocked might have blocked you. So, if you have a weak internet connection, connect to a strong Wi-Fi network and try to send the payment. If you are still facing issues, you may have to contact the person who has blocked you.

Final thought

Hopefully, this simple guide will help you unblock someone on Cash App without much brainstorming. Cash App is a highly secure app to make peer-to-peer transactions. Due to digital booming, you might encounter fraudsters or may fall prey to scammers while making Online payments. Luckily, cash App allows you to block someone if you find he is involved in scams or fraudulent activities. However, if you have blocked someone accidentally or for any reason, you can unblock him anytime. Further, we hope the steps given above will be helpful in unblocking someone on the Cash App. If you have still facing problems then contact the cash app customer service immediately.


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