How much does it Cost to Hire an iOS App Development Company in 2022?

Apple is a giant name that is ruling the market with impressive stats. Being much more popular & trendy, Apple is continually expanding its audience & user graph. Since covering the most exclusive portion of the technical market, Apple releases its statical graph every January. This year’s announcements indicate a massive increment in its popularity & usage.

  • Around 2.2M apps are their the App Store
  • Around 2,540 apps are released on the App Store every day.

Before understanding the cost of hiring an iOS app development company, let’s know some major benefits of iOS app development.

Uncover Some Major Benefits of iOS App Development:

The benefits of iOS app development are manifold. It makes it easier for you to reach out to a wider customer base and make your products or services more accessible to people who might not have been able to find them otherwise.

The battle between iPhone and Android has intensified in recent years, with both sides vying for dominance in the global smartphone market.

Apple’s App Store has been the leading platform for mobile applications since 2008, but Google Play is catching up fast as Android has begun overtaking iOS in the market share around the world.

Gazing at the rising stats & benefits of developing iOS apps is one of the best ways to grow your business. But finding a development partner can be a time-consuming and tricky process, as many developers offer similar services at different rates.

Major Factors in Considering the Cost of an iOS App Development Company:

You need to make some important considerations before hiring an iOS app developer, and there are a few questions that you should ask them.

You should also ask yourself which platform you want to develop for, whether you want native or hybrid apps, your budget, and the timeline for development.

In 2022, the Cost of Hiring an iOS App Developer will be Difficult to Predict.

It all depends on many factors that affect the number of hours required for the project, the complexity of requirements and expectations, the skill level of developers and their experience with coding in Swift, experience with standard iOS design patterns and techniques, etc.

Number of Hours Required for the Project

The timeframe is one of the major factors that decide the cost of iOS app development. Whenever a client handovers its project to an app development firm, the company divides the whole project into milestones and decides the costs and timeline.

Complexity of Requirements

Another very important factor in deciding on iOS app development cost is the project’s complexity. Sometimes customers require some extra amount of updates and integrations into their application that require some extra effort. The extra efforts and integrations also decide the cost of iOS app development.

Skill Level of Developers

The developer’s skill set, experience with the required tech stack and designing pattern also decide the cost factor of the iOS app. The more experienced and expertise an app developer carries, the more app development costs vary.

The average hourly rate for an iOS app developer / iPad app developer ranges from $65 to over $120 per hour. However, some companies offer much higher rates.

To develop an app, the iOS developers need to determine the cost, and it’s dependent on various factors like features and complexity of the app, the time required for the development process, location of the developer etc. After all these factors have been determined, they calculate a fixed price for a new project or request for proposal.


Different developers have different rates for iOS app development. Some charge $50 per hour, while others charge $150 per hour. The rates can depend on different factors like the area of expertise, experience in developing apps and software in a particular domain etc.

This is not just about the fees but also about other aspects like how well a developer can handle your project or product requirements and how well you can communicate with them etc. All the top iOS app development companies work on the above factor and prescribe their app development cost.

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