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How Do You Prevent a Kitchen Knife From Rusting?

A well-sharpened kitchen knife can make all the difference when it comes to cutting something. This makes the process much easier, on the other hand, a damaged kitchen knife not only prevents us from cutting. But it also indicates other serious consequences, such as unclean wounds. Or if it’s food. Rust gets dirty, blades go bad, and rust is a kitchen knife’s worst enemy. clear evidence that our favorite iron is losing its original properties and fading. Is there any solution? Of course: we can save the kitchen knife so it doesn’t rust.

There are many ways to remove rust from a kitchen knife though. (Some methods work better than others.) We recommend heeding the wisdom of a Spanish proverb. “Prevention is better than cure” (and it’s never been said better) with a little kitchen knife routine. We can slow or remove dreaded rust.

Tips To Prevent Rust on Knives

How do we keep our kitchen knives set in good condition and prevent rust? From time to time, we ask ourselves this question. Especially if we are big fans of the world of knives and expensive parts that belong to different types of knives.

Common sense tells us that we should protect our blades from being bumped or dropped so they don’t lose their sharpness. Keeping your knives in a safe place (such as a kitchen knife holder or magnetic knife bar) is the first step in preventing accidental stabbing. (Especially if we are used to carrying knives from one place to another.)

Another interesting tip that we sometimes overlook is to wash your knives by hand. And besides, the dishwasher isn’t the best because it runs at high temperatures and can bump our precious knives against other cutlery. What is around us?

It’s a common concern, but any measures to protect our knives from a dangerous enemy will be minimal: rust.

  • The number one way to prevent rust on our knives is to hand wash and dry them. When we think the kitchen knife is dry, we have to start drying it with a dry cloth. Compared to before, especially if it is a serrated knife or a serrated knife with grooves, we have to work harder if we want to remove moisture from the metal. This will show rust spots.
  • But some things are difficult to control in a wet house. If the kitchen knife gets wet because it has not been properly dried, it is our responsibility. If it is moist or exposed to the latent moisture of the atmosphere, then we live in a humid region. (when it is near the sea or where there is particularly heavy rain) we will face more problems. In these cases, even though we have stored our knives willingly, moisture can also act on our knives to prevent moisture and rust on the kitchen knife. We recommend taking two steps: Always use a dehumidifier. (You’ll appreciate this if you’re in a high-humidity home.) Always keep your knives in a well-protected case and box. Or box with a silicone bag

Silica gel bags often come in the boxes we buy, where moisture retention is critical. (Don’t throw it away!) But luckily we can still buy it.

Why Do Kitchen Knives Rust?

We have already said at the beginning of this article that when kitchen knives start rusting. This is the beginning, but why does the kitchen knife rust? There are two main reasons for this which we outline below:

Moisture that does not dry the kitchen knife after washing will leave the door open to prevent rusting. For this reason, we must not forget that the kitchen knife should be carefully cleaned with a cloth after washing.


Yes, yes, you read that right…food can cause rust on blades. And the fact is that some products contain strong acidic elements in their composition, which can destroy the surface of the leaves over time.

Wash your knives thoroughly to remove food residue. Then dry to remove moisture. This is what we must mark in our memory to extend the life of our cutlery.

But what if we are late? What should we do if rust has already developed and is threatening to spread to our precious blades? The solution is to learn how to care for your kitchen knife so it doesn’t rust and lasts longer.

Rust Removal Kitchen knife

The methods we offer may not be the most traditional. Because it encourages us to fight fire with fire. In other words, protecting knives from rust through self-corrosion (in a controlled way, yes).

This amazing technique is called “coloring” and it has been used for a long time. The task is to level the surface of the sheet and create a protective layer so that rust does not penetrate. (Rough surfaces are more sensitive to moisture and absorb moisture more easily.)

How To Apply Patina To a Kitchen Knife

This technique encourages us to cover the kitchen knife for just one hour. There are some elements that cause the oxidation process. Vinegar, lemon, onion, bicarbonate, or even mustard are used for this.

For example, we can moisten a piece of cloth or paper with vinegar and wrap it around a knife. This will remove any rust that was previously on the blade. (We had to wrap the knife until the rust was gone. This could take an hour or more (a day or more if less) Be aware there are several pitfalls to this process. And that’s it, our blades can be a little bit darker

After enough time had passed, we took out the kitchen knife, washed it, and then applied protective oil to the blade. For these purposes, you can find many types of oils. But the oil selected should be suitable for human consumption. (Because it allows us to avoid problems if we soak some oil in the knife and then use it for cooking.) Paraffin oil is often used in these fights. Although we can also use vegetable oil. Apply a small amount of the specified oil to a clean cloth or cotton cloth. And we will continue to serve our favorite knife blades.

If we have a knife, you can also use a 3-in-1 degreaser or a thin layer of olive or sunflower oil.

With this simple procedure, your knife will be like new. And ready to give you the best use for years to come. Feel free to share with us in the comments section below if you find this technique useful or know other ways to keep your knives rust-free.

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