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Flowering Plants in UAE: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Ones

If you’ve ever explored any of the indoor spaces in the UAE, you would know that this is probably one of the greenest places in the world. Something about the arid climate and the abundance of indoor space inspires people here to plant non-native species and bring life to their interiors. There is a lot of free Wi-Fi, but there are also plenty of indoor gardens with gorgeous plants. In case you are not aware, indoor plants are popular even outside UAE. People all over the world love having them in their homes, offices, schools and other enclosed spaces to bring some extra freshness and greenery into our lives. They can purify the air by removing toxins from it as well as provide us with some soothing green visuals which can reduce stress and anxiety levels. This might sound like a lot, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to indoor flowering plants.

What Are Flowering Plants?

Flowering plants are those that bloom even indoors. They include a variety of species from cacti to bromeliads, orchids, and other tropical plants. Many flowering plants are perennials which means that they live for more than two years, sprout new growth in the spring and bloom at some point throughout the year. There are also species that bloom only once and then die, like poppies and tulips. You may notice that some houseplants are not flowering plants. This is because these indoor plants are usually chosen based on their size and ease of care rather than whether they bloom. Some of the most common indoor plants include fiddle-leaf figs, aloes, spider plants, spathiphyllums, and snake plants.

Why are flowering plants so popular in UAE?

While it’s true that indoor plants generally have a positive impact on our health and well-being, flowering plants have their own set of benefits. These include lifting our mood and our spirits, creating a positive environment for productivity, and helping us to relax after a stressful day. There are some other reasons why flowering plants are so popular in UAE. First of all, many of the species that are used here are not native to the UAE, so they do not need much watering. There are also plenty of indoor spaces, especially in buildings, where you might not have a garden, balcony or terrace where you can grow other plants.

Which are the most popular flowering plants in UAE?

There are many indoor flowering plants that you can use to beautify your interiors and bring some life into your living areas. Here are some of the most popular ones, along with their benefits. The Peace Lily – This is one of the most popular flowering plants in UAE. It is one of the few plants that can actually grow well indoors without much sunlight, making it a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of space or who live in a part of the UAE that gets very little sunlight. The peace lily is a great air purifier and can help to remove formaldehyde, which is a common indoor pollutant. Gardenia – This flowering plant is native to Southeast Asia, and it is one of the most popular flowering plants in UAE. It is a tropical plant, so it needs plenty of sunlight, water and care. Gardenia can grow as tall as four feet, and it produces beautiful white flowers that smell divine.

How to care for flowering plants?

Since flowering plants are a little bit more delicate than other indoor plants, it’s important to know how to care for them. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your indoor plants healthy and happy. – Choose the Right Plants for Your Space – The first thing you need to do when caring for your indoor plants is to choose the right ones for your space.

Make sure that you choose flowering plants that thrive in indoor conditions, and read up on the different species so that you know what they like and don’t like. – The Right Soil and Potting – Plants need the right amount of water to survive, but they also need soil that has the right amount of nutrients and drainage. Make sure to provide your indoor plants with the right soil, and repot them every year so that they have enough room to grow and get the nutrients that they need.

The Right Amount of Light – While many flowering plants can thrive in low-light conditions, there are also plenty of species that need plenty of light. Make sure to read about the light requirements of the species that you want to get and put them in the right spot in your home so that they get enough light. – Keep an Eye on the Temperature – The right indoor temperatures are also important when caring for indoor plants, especially if you live in a warm place like UAE. If your house gets really warm during the summer, you might need to move your indoor plants to cooler places, or vice versa if your winters get too cold.


There are many reasons why indoor flowers are popular in UAE. First of all, many species are not native to this part of the world, and so they do not need a lot of water. There are also plenty of indoor spaces where you might not be able to grow other plants. Some of the most popular flowering plants include the peace lily, gardenia, and orchids. Make sure to choose the right species for your indoor space and provide them with the right amount of light, water, and care, and you will be able to enjoy these beautiful plants for a long time.


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