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Internet and Businesses

CPC Marketing: What Is It?

When consumers click on your text advertisements or phone number in the ad results, you only pay for performance under the CPC, or cost per click, marketing model. In order to avoid overpaying for clicks, you set a maximum cost per click bid, also known as a “max CPC”.

However, this is only applicable when utilizing manual bidding and placing your own bids. On the other hand, with automated bidding, the machine places bids based on your objectives, such as impressions, clicks, and conversions.

The top CPC marketing platform, Google Ads, runs advertisements on partner websites and apps in addition to the Google search engine. It is a performance-based platform that allows you extensive control over your advertising expenditures and strategy and is also known as pay per click (PPC).

Here are some crucial aspects of Google  ppc packages Ads’ CPC marketing that can help you execute successful campaigns.

As part of your CPC marketing, you can conduct a variety of campaign types. You can launch pay-per-click ads on Google in the formats of Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Local, Smart, Performance Max, Discover, and App.

Each of these campaign kinds serves a certain function and aids in the accomplishment of particular corporate objectives. For instance, using keywords to target users who are looking for your goods or services on Google and other partner search engines is the main CPC campaign type in Google Ads. You are therefore compensated for each click as people search for and click on your adverts.

Additionally, you give a product feed to Google Merchant Centre and link it to Google Ads for Shopping campaigns. In order for your product listings to display in the search results above the text advertising and on the Shopping tab, you must first build a Shopping campaign in your Google Ads account. Every time someone clicks on one of your advertisements, just like other campaigns, you’re charged.

Shopping & Search Ads

The majority of Google Ads’ ad types are text-based. Other ad formats include product listing advertisements, picture ads, responsive display ads, dynamic search ads, and call-only ads. Your text advertisements are a crucial component of CPC marketing since they are what consumers see when they search for your goods or services on Google.

People can visit your website to learn more when they conduct a Google search and come across your adverts. You are only charged when people click on your advertisements; not when they merely search but do not click.

You only pay for traffic that is most likely to convert, which is an advantage. The budget you choose will effect both the quantity of clicks and conversions you receive.



Your chosen keywords aid in bringing in customers who are looking for your type of business. These searches are crucial to CPC marketing since they help determine your cost per click.

Use a keyword research tool like Keyword Planner to discover the best keywords to bid on. This will also enable you to estimate the cost of each advertisement click.


Key term research tool

To manage the searches that lead to your adverts, start with phrase and exact match type keywords. And this makes it easier for you to determine what your typical CPC will be.

Bid Approach

A crucial element of your CPC marketing is your bid strategy. It’s one of the key variables that affects how much each click on your website will cost you.

Google Ads Bid Techniques

As seen in the screenshot above, there are various bidding tactics available, including automated and human choices. Additionally, the initial bid approach will rely on your objectives. You can concentrate on impressions, clicks, conversions, and conversion value with the aid of some.


These can be utilized at various times. For instance, the Maximize Clicks bid strategy aims to get you the most clicks for your money. When you have a ton of data, you can subsequently switch to a bid strategy that is conversion-focused.

You have more control over your bids with the Manual CPC bid strategy, allowing you to specify a maximum amount to pay for each click.


It’s crucial to be aware that there are alternative cost-per-action marketing models, such as cost per impression, cost per conversion, cost per view, and cost per call. For call-only efforts, for instance, cost per call, for app campaigns, cost per install, for display campaigns, and so on.

And when you build up new ads and try to accomplish your objectives with Google Ads, you will run against problems.

However, the basic model, cost per click, ppc packages is accessible for practically all campaign kinds. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend how it functions and how it might aid in the creation of successful initiatives.

Contact Us

I have years of experience building up and managing campaigns for CPC advertising in Google as a Google Ads professional. To discuss your needs and learn how I can help, kindly get in touch with me using the information below.

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