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ACS Migration Skills Assessment Cost And Process

There is a tremendous zeal to attain a positive ACS Migration skills assessment among IT professionals across the world. It is because this economically-strong country provides countless growth opportunities to these engineers. Besides that, attaining a positive assessment from ACS allows an IT professional to acquire global recognition. That will, in turn, make it much easier for them to make their career in any part of the world.

So, if you dream of attaining this recognition, you must know about the assessment criteria of the Australian Computer Society.

Therefore, we have written this blog to let you know the necessary things related to ACS assessment for migration purposes. So, read this whole blog investing your undivided attention.

Educational requirements:

As per the Australian Assessment Guide, you must have a minor or major in ICT. In other words, you must have a certain percentage of your program focused on ICT for qualification.

The committee reviews your program and the time you spent on ICT. This percentage must be enough for the hours of your course to be eligible. For upper-level education, the percentage is less than a lower degree.

For an Associate Degree and Diploma/Certificate:

You may apply if you only have an Associate degree or below. This degree must have 50% of your study in the study of ICT.

These diplomas and degrees do count as points toward your experience. However, you may need to perform more real-world work to be eligible.

If having a bachelor’s degree:

The course work must have had at least 33% of the course load focused on ICT for a bachelor’s degree. If completing your degree within 3 years, you will be eligible for a major.

However, if the degree is completed over a more extended period of time, your skills will still have an assessment. However, you may not qualify.

For a graduate degree:

For a graduate degree program, the eligible program must consist of 50% (1.5 years) of course study based on ICT. The important factor in this degree is the graduate and the undergraduate degree.

If your undergraduate Bachelor’s degree has at least 50% based on ICT, the graduate degree may need less focus on this field specifically.

If the undergraduate Bachelor’s degree is 50% ICT-based, the graduate degree may need less focus on this field specifically. There are many intricacies included in a graduate degree applicant.

Aside from showing the percentage basis of your program, provide details about your thesis or/and graduate project. Summarize the project with qualifying statements and support from the supervisor of your program.

Processing time and cost:

The following are the processing time and cost for the applicant of the ACS Migration Skills assessment:

It consumes nearly 8 to 10 weeks to complete an assessment. However, if the authority needs more documents, it may take more time.

Temporary Graduate $475
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment $500


Skills (general application)  


Required documents:

Besides your identity documents, you will also need to upload some educational and award documents.  Another thing to keep in mind is to start gathering these main documents when starting your application:

Official passport:

You must check to ensure that your name and information are accurate and up to date.

Educational and degree certifications: For the educational materials, ensure that you include your certificate/diploma. In addition, you must include the name of your college/university, evidence of completion, and the date of completion.

Transcripts: Provide the authority with your complete college transcript, with grades, and in the order of the earliest to the latest. Aside from that, remember that a graduate degree may need more specific records.

Employment history: Evidence of your prior work experience, volunteer experience, and references.

You must combine your documents into one PDF document. These documents must be in PDF form. Any images/photos need to be in 3000pi clarity and unencrypted.

Adhere to the lead of the system. Doing this will take you through each part of the application. In addition, it will ensure that everything you enter is correctly spelled and accurate.

Things to consider when writing an RPL report for ACS Migration Skills Assessment:

The following are the RPL ACS skill assessment requirements you need to fulfill:

You need to submit two project reports for an RPL ACS skill assessment. One of the two reports must pertain to a project you took in the last three years. The other one should be that you had in the last five years.

Besides that, keep the following parameters in mind to win a positive assessment for an Australian PR:

  • The different methods are adopted at the project management and quality assurance time.
  • Different network topologies were installed for security reasons.
  • Your contribution to the designing and the implementation process.
  • Techniques utilized in system analysis and design.
  • Methods that were used in Database Design and Management.
  • The language used in designing the system.
  • ICT managerial activities that reveal system plans and benefits.

If you include all the information we gave above, you will definitely win a positive ACS Migration Skills assessment.

If you need more information regarding the ACS Migration Skills assessment, contact us freely.


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