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6 Ways to Calm Down Fast When You Feel Overwhelmed

Ease is the best and natural way to be for a human being. However, most of us have experienced an anxious moment or two in our lives. Studies conclude that one-third of the population will suffer from some kind of anxiety.

However, some of us experience those dreadful moments more than others. The reasons could be many and varied, such as academic, professional, medical, personal, etc. Sometimes, the anxiety levels become overwhelmingly out of control and can be dangerous for the situation.

Stress can be of various forms, intensity, frequency, and causes. Dealing with chronic stress requires some professional help and a serious approach.

Such extreme conditions need medical interventions.

Many people take supplements that help in battling stressful conditions. Certain supplements contain natural minerals like vitamin D, magnesium complex, Omega 3, etc., to boost brain health and cognition in human beings. However, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a medical professional before taking any supplements regularly.

Nevertheless, many people can put in the effort to reduce their feeling of being overwhelmed and angry over any given stressful situation.

Too much stress can feel overwhelming. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed too quickly and frequently by whatever situation you may face, here are some easy ways to calm down.

  1. Supplements

You may take certain natural brain supplements such as omega 3, magnesium complex, vitamin D, etc. Natural mineral supplements can help trigger brain activities that require a bit of stimulation. It also triggers the region of the brain that is responsible for human attention.

Regular intake of mineral supplements can increase focus and concentration. It results in less anxious moments and helps to handle anxiety situations more effectively.

Supplements such as magnesium complex can also have other beneficial effects on the human body. It helps to clear the bowel movement and keeps the body agile and refreshed.

However, it is always advisable to seek the opinion of a medical professional before consuming any mineral supplement to combat your mental stress.

  1. Get some fresh air

Take a brief walk away from the place, as it will also snap you out of the atmosphere that caused you to feel overwhelmed. Additionally, walk at a moderate to a brisk pace for a short period, and you might be able to snap out of that overwhelming feeling by the time you return.

When fresh oxygen reaches your brain, your body calms down. The brain consumes 80 percent of the oxygen that we inhale. Naturally, oxygen is the nutrient of the brain. Thus, if you are feeling overwhelmed, try getting some fresh air.

While walking, you may take a few deep breaths or practice some breathing exercises. It will calm down your nerves and set your head straight so that you can think clearly, and respond accordingly.

While you roam around for fresh air, you may also try to sniff something soothing, like a fragrant soap, medicinal herbs, flowers, etc. Research says that aromatherapy has a soothing effect on the mental health of patients suffering from anxiety and depression. It helps the anxious mind become calmer.

  1. Refuel your body mechanism

If you are hungry or dehydrated, your body will not respond well to the relaxation techniques. It needs fuel to run, and it signals through irrational methods sometimes to get your attention. So the next time you feel overwhelmed, grab something to eat and drink a lot of water.

You can replenish your body’s energy with a timely intake of mineral supplements such as vitamin D, Omega 3, or magnesium complex.

Perhaps, you can also grab some dark chocolates to munch. Studies have shown that chocolates can help reduce stress and improve the brain’s overall health.

Drink some green tea with honey. Honey helps in anxiety reduction, whereas green tea can help alleviate the stress response of the body.

  1. Chillout

Whether you believe it or not, chilling out in stressful situations can instantly make you feel better. Your energy will now readily get channelized into proper and productive ways.

Relax by listening to some soothing music, and your brain will instantly react to the frequencies of soothing calmness emitted by the neural waves of the musical notes. You can also dance your way out of the stress. Many traditions practice dancing as a method of healing. Dancing is a very good way to revitalize the body and the mind.

Laughter could be good medicine to reduce stress and anxiety levels as laughing releases endorphins, known as feel-good hormones. Have a good laugh by watching some funny videos or reading some jokes and funny comics.

A good laugh can ease the tension in the body instantly. Your brain becomes more active and focused after having a good laugh. You can think clearly and objectively, which makes your situation less overwhelming.

  1. Massage your palms

Your palm has nerve points that are connected directly to the brain. Giving your palms a good massage can activate those nerve points and trigger the brain neurons. You may also squeeze a stress ball to feel relaxed and relieved.

Alternatively, you may pinch your palms at pressure points to relieve stress levels. It is known as acupressure therapy and is therapeutic in anxiety.

  1. Chew gums

Research says that chewing gums increases oxygen flow to those regions of the brain that are responsible for human attention. The supply of more oxygen helps in staying alert and sharply reflexive. With an increased focus, the brain functions at its optimum and deals with anxiety in a better way.

There are stress-relieving chewing gum supplements available for instant relief from stress and long-term benefit of better concentration and cognition. These gums contain magnesium complexes, a kind combination of minerals helpful for brain function, and many other bodily benefits.

Final word

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with stress, shake it off with a piece of chillout music, laugh out loud, or you may even try to combine a few things. For example, you may go for a walk and listen to some good soothing music while breathing deeply. Or perhaps you may additionally do some pressure point acupressure of your palms.

While stress can come from any quarter, dealing with it before it gets overwhelming is the wisest thing to do. Even if it gets overwhelming, we discussed some proven fun strategies to deal with it and calm down quickly.

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