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5 Ways To Install Crochet Braiding Hair Packs

Braided hairstyles are taking over the world. It is easy to care for once you have braided your crochet braiding hair. To achieve this look, then you’ll need 7-10 crochet braiding hair packs depending on the volume you want and the density of your hair. For a faster crochet technique, you’ll need about 5-7 packs of pre-looped passion twists crochet hair.

Duration Of Passion Twist

Your passion twists can last anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks, depending on your hair type and how well you care for your protective style. You don’t want to leave the extensions in your hair for too long, especially if you want your hair to stay soft and grow.

Tools Required To Do Passion Twist With Crochet Braiding Hair Packs

Hair gel, edge control, foaming mousse, a detangling comb, a handheld mirror, Stretched hair, and moisturizing cream,

Five Methods For Incorporating Passion Twists 

There are several ways to apply passion twists to your hair. It all depends on your available time and the look you want to achieve. So I’ve compiled a list of five popular methods for incorporating passion twists into your natural hair with crochet braiding hair packs.

It’s worth noting that the twisted and time-consuming method will give you a more realistic passion twists look, whereas the crotchet method will give you a Marley twists look, which may not be what you’re after.

1) The Method of Invisibility

This traditional method of twisting hair to blend it with hair extensions.

2) Crochet With Rubber Bands

This technique ensures a firm grip on the twists without putting undue strain on your scalp.

3) Short 4c Hair Braided Rubber Band Method

If the length of your hair is short, this is a quick way to install passion twists in your hair without putting too much tension on your scalp.

4) Crochet Method Individual

For this look, you’ll need pre-twisted crotchet passion twists hair packs. Because the hair is already twisted, this is a faster method for installing passion twists.

5) Crochet Cornrows Method

This is the quickest and easiest way to install passion twists. This hairstyle can be completed in one to two hours and is also simple to remove.

3 Ways To Style Crochet Braiding Hair

While in passion twists, you can wear your crochet braiding hair packs in various ways. You can select from various hair lengths and colors to achieve the desired look. This blog will show you four simple ways to style your braided hair.

1. Passion Twist Top Bun With Bangs

4-5 packs of water wave crochet braiding hair packs are required. To save money, buy the longer hair packs of 24-inches and cut them in half to get more hair for less money.

2. Bob’s Short Passion Twist

Two packs of color T30 water wave braiding hair packs are required. This is one of the super short hairstyles, so you can cut it into thirds depending on the length of hair you buy.

3. Bob The Short Passion Twist

You’ll need two packs of color T30 water wave braiding hair packs. Because this is a super short hairstyle, you can cut your hair into thirds depending on the length of hair you buy.

Now that you know how to install crochet braiding hair, you first need to get your hands on this hair from the best braiding hair vendors. Hair Factory is one of the best companies as they sell good and high-quality hair.

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