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5 ideas for properly lighting the dining room table

The dining room is a space of conviviality where we like to meet around a good meal. All occasions are good to gather around his table, it must therefore be properly lit. The lighting offer is very vast and it is often difficult to find your way around. To help you make an informed choice, let’s highlight the different types of light fixtures, their characteristics and the importance of selecting your bulbs carefully. Follow our 5 bright ideas to properly illuminate the dining room table.


Both very decorative and ergonomic, the suspension is part of the great trend of recent years and particularly metal suspensions and glass balls. Choose it according to the shape of your table. For large rectangular dining tables, you can indulge yourself by opting for several suspensions, this will cover the entire length of the table. For a  square or round table, opt for a single model with sufficient volume to benefit from a good source of light.

The suspensions have the big advantage of being adjustable in height, the ideal distance between the table and the light is 60 cm. If your room is small, turn to openwork or small-sized lighting. A light fixture that is too big could make the room feel even smaller.

The ceiling light

Opposite to the suspension, the ceiling light is fixed and is positioned… be careful, you won’t believe it, on the ceiling! It fits with one or more bulbs depending on its design. It is the ideal luminaire if your dining room has a limited ceiling height, it does not take up space. There are a multitude of styles of ceiling light, industrial, Scandinavian, vintage or even modern, it’s up to you to see what will best meet your expectations.

The ceiling lamp offers homogeneous and optimal lighting over a large area, you will have no problem seeing what is resting on your plates. However, you will find it difficult to create a more intimate atmosphere. If you have no other options than the ceiling light and you still want to direct the light, opt for a spotlight ramp.

The chandelier

Traditional or brought up to date, the chandelier is a decorative object that dazzles. Far from minimalist standards, this luminaire sees things on a large scale thanks to its worked structure. Suspended from a cable, with several branches starting from a central point, the chandelier is adorned with crystal, candlesticks, reminiscent of the sumptuous receptions organized in castles.

It will perfectly illuminate your modern dining table and you can easily adjust its height. If you choose this luminaire, make sure that it goes well with your decoration, its ornamental style does not harmonize with all interiors. You will also need to have a room and a table that are spacious enough to keep volumes balanced.

The street lamp

You do not have an electrical circuit and it is impossible for you to put a light above the dining table? Do not panic, to each problem its solution, think of the lamp post. Equipped with a switch and a plug, you can plug it directly into the mains.

For perfect lighting, select a curved model whose light source places in the middle of the table and high enough not to bother you during meals. If you use this space for different things, you can choose a practical dimmable floor lamp according to your needs and the atmosphere you want to create.

The lightbulbs

The power of the bulbs and the color temperature will also be determining factors in properly lighting your dining room table. LED, decorative filament, compact fluorescent or halogen bulb, you will find what you are looking for among the different existing versions.

For a warm atmosphere and satisfactory brightness, bet on warm white, it is between 2,700 and 3,300 kelvins. For the power of the bulb, count between 60 and 75 watts, you will benefit from good lighting without dazzling your guests.

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